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Canada White Christmas Odds 2022

Canada White Christmas Odds 2022


Citizens of the Great White North are no strangers to a sprinkling of the white stuff on their streets and sidewalks, and while snow can cause inconvenience, a white Christmas is a magical occasion, so what are the odds of snow in your city this Christmas and how much will fall?

In this CasinoSource article, we list the betting odds of a white Christmas in Canada in 12 of the biggest cities and how many centimeters you can expect. What’s more, Christmas 2022 is the first where online gambling will be legal in Ontario, so it will be easier to place your white Christmas bets!

Meteorologists are predicting cold weather could cover around half of Canada towards the holiday season with Arctic air over the west potentially migrating south of the border where it could meet stormy weather in the United States. This mix could create snow from Canada’s Great Lakes and further east.

Canada White Christmas Map

What are the Odds of it Snowing on Christmas Day in Canada? 

It’s virtually guaranteed to snow this Christmas Day in Canada but what about different Canadian cities? According to research by CasinoSource experts, there’s a good chance of a covering of snow in Kitchener-Waterloo and London (both 4/5) and Hamilton (8/15), while in Toronto, there’s a 45% (6/5) chance you’ll be building your own snowman on December 25.

Canada White Christmas Odds

Although in Canada’s second most-populated city, Toronto, there’s only 5cm of snow predicted this Christmas, snowflakes can be both beautiful and inconvenient. Former St. Catharines, Ontario resident, Melissa Andrade, who now lives in Portugal, told CasinoSource: “I would have to get up an hour early before work just to dig out my car, and when I left work, I would have to spend another hour digging my car out again if there was a snowstorm. It was super inconvenient. 

“My work wasn’t far from where I lived but sometimes it was so cold and snowing so much, it was too cold to walk or take the bus.

“Snow is so beautiful around Christmas but it’s still an inconvenience. It’s glamorised in movies but they don’t show the hard work and inconvenience that it causes people. It’s beautiful to visit Canada when it snows but when you live there it’s a different story.”

Winnipeg, Quebec City, Edmonton and Ottawa Most Likely to get a White Christmas

Quebec is one of the snowiest big cities in Canada and Cape Madeleine, Quebec, is third on Canada’s record list for the most snowfall in a day, at 122cm. And there’s a 90% (1/10) chance Quebec City will wake up to a snowy scene this Christmas, where residents can expect around 25cm of snow, the largest expected snowfall in Canada.

Elsewhere, and rather unsurprisingly, Winnipeg has a 100% chance of snow on the ground on December 25. Forecasters expect 15cm of snow in Winnipeg. The average total snowfall over winter in Winnipeg is approximately 118cm so a 15cm deposit is substantial.

Where is it Least Likely to Snow in Canada?

Of the cities researched, Vancouver on the Pacific Coast has the smallest chance of snow, at 10% (9/1).

Of course, snow isn’t all fun and games and some Canadians will need to dig out their cars this Christmas if they’re planning to leave home and visit friends and family. 

Vancouver residents shouldn’t have to worry too much about this with a one in 10 chance of snow. Plus, if it does snow in Vancouver, it’s likely to be light with around 3cm of the powder to contend with. 

Also, anyone who doesn’t like snow in Victoria won’t be too disappointed as there’s only set to be 2cm.




Will it snow in Vancouver on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource experts have calculated a 9/1 chance of snow on Christmas Day in Vancouver. That’s a 10% chance. Also, it’s unlikely locals will be knee-deep in snow as only 3cm is expected in the unlikely event Vancouver gets a white Christmas this year.

Will it snow in Toronto on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource experts have calculated a 6/5 chance of snow on Christmas Day in Toronto. That’s a 45% chance. But even if these close-to-evens odds result in a white Christmas in Toronto, there’s unlikely to be a record snowfall – there could be a modest sprinkling of 5cm of snow on the ground.

Will it snow in Edmonton on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource experts have calculated favorable 1/5 odds that it will snow on Christmas Day in Edmonton. So Edmonton is one of the best cities to be in if you’re hoping to see snowflakes falling on December 25. Odds of 1/5 translate to a healthy 85%. As well as strong odds of snow, Edmonton could get a generous 12cm covering.

Will it snow in Ottawa on Christmas Day?

Yes, there’s a great chance it will snow in Ottawa on Christmas. Our CasinoSource experts have calculated a 1/3 chance of snow on Christmas Day in Ottawa. That’s 75%. And if there is a white Christmas, Ottawans could be treated to a toe-chilling 19cm of snow so get your shovels ready.

Will it snow in Calgary on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource experts have calculated a 4/6 chance of snow on Christmas Day in Calgary. That’s a healthy 60% chance, so it might be safe for residents to start dreaming of a white Christmas. It’s unlikely to be a record snowfall though as around 5cm is expected.

Will it snow in Montreal on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource experts have calculated a 2/5 chance of snow on Christmas Day in Montreal. That’s a 70% chance. There is likely to be a decent drop of the white stuff too with around 8cm of snow expected to settle on Montreal sidewalks.

Will it snow in Winnipeg on Christmas Day?

Winnipeg locals will be familiar with white Christmases and, guess what? There’s a 100% of snow this Christmas in the city. We hope you’re not sick of the sight of it, because our experts expect around 15cm to fall.

Will it snow in Quebec City on Christmas Day?

In Quebec City, there’s a 90% or 1/10 chance you’ll see snow this Christmas. In our list, only Winnipeg stands a better chance of a white Christmas. What’s more, Quebec City could get a major 25cm of snow on December 25.

Will it snow in Hamilton on Christmas Day?

It probably will. There’s an 8/15 or 65% chance there will be a white Christmas in Hamilton. Residents can start planning their snowball fights as there could be 7cm of snow. Still, with a 35% chance it won’t snow, you should easily be able to travel to see family.

Will it snow in Kitchener-Waterloo on Christmas Day?

Our CasinoSource expects say there’s a 4/5 chance it will snow at Christmas in Kitchener-Waterloo. That’s a 55% chance. And locals can expect about 7cm of snow on the ground, which is enough to build a snowman but not enough to cause major inconvenience.

Will it snow in London, Ontario on Christmas Day?

There’s a good chance it’ll snow in London this Christmas but it’s in the balance. Our experts calculated there’s a 55% chance of snow, or 4/5, but if it does snow, it could pack up to 8cm on the ground.

Will it snow in Victoria on Christmas Day?

Victoria could be a winter wonderland this Christmas, with snow a possibility but not enough expected to cause major disruption. There’s a 4/5 or 55% chance of snow in Victoria, British Columbia, but it might only be 2cm if it does arrive.

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