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Guide to the Best Caribbean Stud Poker Sites Canada

Last Updated: 2022/05/16

The growth of Canadian casinos online has been a huge benefactor for games such as Caribbean Stud Poker. It’s a game that is not too dissimilar to that of 5 Card Stud Poker, however, the difference is that the Caribbean version includes a range of jackpots, making it highly lucrative.

You’re going to find that most casino will offer the game in some form. There isn’t a massive range to choose from, so this makes them a little harder to find than some games.

Throughout this guide, we want to do all the leg work for you. We highlight who are offering the best games right now, take a look at bonuses linked to the games, talk through strategy that can be applied and give you an overview of everything that you will need to know for the game.

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Casino ProviderBonus OfferReview

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  • Minimum Deposit$10.00
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    • Maestro
  • Casino Games1535
  • Mobile Games1535
  • Live Games74

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  • Minimum Deposit$10.00
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  • Casino Games1253
  • Mobile Games1100
  • Live Games230

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How We Review Online Caribbean Stud Poker Sites

One of the things that we pride ourselves on the most at Casino Source is our reviews. We try and go above and beyond what the competition is offering in an attempt to bring you comprehensive and unbiased advice.

Like all casino games, Caribbean Stud Poker has a dedicated team here at Casino Source who work through casinos looking at how they are set up for the game and ultimately if they are any good or not.

The team comes packed with experience. We’ve been lucky enough to get a mix of professional casino players, game designers and online casino specialist on board to create what we think are the best reviews in the industry.

Whilst it’s their role to see how good a casino is, the majority of it is spent looking at how it works for Caribbean Stud Poker players specifically. Given that the games are a little more limited than say, online blackjack or roulette, it means we have to work a little harder, but this is all part of the process.

An easy place to start for the team is the range of games that are on offer. As we have mentioned, numbers will be less than some of the more popular table games, but there is a variation between a good casino and a bad casino in this regard.

We do need to take into account that there is only so much you can do with the game. This in turn means that lower numbers are to be expected but we do give credit to those trying something new, which is important for the progression of the game.

Another area that we like to look is the availability of Live Caribbean Stud Poker. This is becoming even more popular as the growth of live casinos continues to rise, and the games are becoming better as a result.

These games are very limited, but some of the bigger live gaming software developers do work on them, so the quality is high across the board. Again, we highlight where you can access them and look at the games on offer from within the live casino sector.

Even though we spend a lot of time reviewing the Caribbean Stud Poker section of each casino, we think that it’s important to report on the whole package. It’s rare to find players that are solely looking for just this game 100% of the time, so we take into account the range of other games that are included as well.

We also delve a little deeper into who the company is, assessing things like the license in place, customer support team and even the software options that are available from the casino.

Finally, we look at other incentives to play at that casino, which are mainly in the form of bonuses and promotions. Caribbean Stud Poker is not always eligible for the main welcome offers, so this is an area that has to be checked as well.

Overall, we feel that our team churn out some of the best reviews in the business. It’s very much a team effort here which means that no stone is unturned in making sure you know exactly where your hard-earned cash is going.

How to Find and Choose the Best Caribbean Stud Poker Sites Online

As the number of games starts to increase with Caribbean Stud Poker, it means that the choices become even more difficult to choose a casino that is right for you. We give you as much information as we can, but ultimately the decision of where to play comes down to you.

The first place we would start is the range of online casino games on offer. It doesn’t have to be a huge range here, just enough to make sure that you have enough choice to keep you coming back. We also recommend that you check the quality of the games as these can differ being that many are from different game developers.

Another area to check is that of the casino bonuses in Canada on offer. Not all welcome offers will be accessible to Caribbean Stud Poker players, so you need to do some work to check the T’s and C’s here.

What you need to look out for is the contribution towards clearing the bonus. Most games come with a percentage between 0% and 100%, however, Caribbean Stud Poker is usually at the lower end of this scale. Anywhere around 10% contribution is about the standard, so any higher than that and you’re onto a winner.

By contribution we mean the amount that counts towards clearing the bonus. So, a 10% contribution would mean that $1 for every $10 staked count toward clearing the bonus.

Finally, make sure you stay up to date with any reviews and articles that we have on the site. We will keep this page right up to date with the latest offers and promotions. We also outline wagering contributions for each bonus, so you know what you’re getting into before you sign up.

Be aware that just because one casino works for one player, it might not for another. We rank casino in the list about based on what we think is the best, but there will be cases where a casino that is ranked #20 is better suited for a certain player than one that is ranked #1.

Keep this page bookmarked as we are always changing the sites that we think offer the best value to the widest range of players.

Caribbean Stud Poker Bonuses in Canada

There are going to be two main bonuses that you can claim and clear playing Caribbean Stud Poker in Canada. The first is the welcome bonus and the second is that of a dedicated bonus.

Welcome bonuses are going to be much easier to find as pretty much all online casinos offer one to new players. They are so common that if a casino didn’t have one that we would recommend you look elsewhere.

A welcome bonus is often a match on the opening deposit. An example would be that if a player were to deposit $100 then the casino would match this amount in bonus money, giving you $100 in bonus cash plus your $100 deposit.

The casino then requires you to wager through that bonus amount a certain number of times. For reference, anywhere around the 30x mark or lower is considered to be good.

The casino will also limit the contribution of stakes for each game. Here is an example from the 888Casino welcome bonus below:

Wagering Contributions 

As you can see, Caribbean Stud Poker falls into the 20% category, meaning that 20p for every $1 that you stake will contribute to clearing the bonus.

The second type of bonus is that of a dedicated Caribbean Stud Poker offer. These are quite rare in the industry these days, but they are still accessible.

What you will find in terms of a difference here is that nearer 100% of stakes made at these games will contribute to clearing the offer. The trade-off is the amount of bonus money that you can claim is often quite a bit lower.

There is one more promotion that we have to mention as well. These come in the form of a live casino bonus. Some of these offers will allow non-live Caribbean Stud Poker games to contribute to the clearing of these offers. They can be way more accessible than that of standard casino bonuses, offering up a much higher game contribution.

A final point that you need to take into account is the max contribution per bet. Often bonuses are limited in terms of max bet contribution, stopping players from just making a single bet that would cover the full amount and get the bonus money easily.

For example, they might limit this to $10, meaning that if you bet $500, then only $10 would contribute to clearing. You also need to make sure that the bonus does not discard bets that are over the amount. This would mean that $500 bet would not count at all, which again can be quite common.

Whilst there is a lot to take in here, what we will add is that with each review we take the time to point all of these aspects of casino bonuses out to you. It will then allow you to make a much more informed decision about what casino bonus is best for you and which you want to claim.

Again, keep checking back to this page to make sure you bang up to date with offers and the terms for each offer as well.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Casino Games

We mentioned a couple of times about the fact that live casinos are here to stay. One of the games that have started to get to grips with the live casino is that of Caribbean Stud Poker.

To find these games then you will need to head to the live casino section. We will note that not all live casino sections include this game, but most of the bigger casino will have it. The standard of games is now higher than ever, and this comes down to increase in technology for things like streaming, dealers, gameplay and number of games available around the clock.

We are big fans of live casinos as a whole and we wanted to highlight some of the pros when it comes to live Caribbean Stud Poker.

  • Interaction – The live games are all about interaction and the ability to chat with the dealers and other players is one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy these games.

  • Better graphics – For us, the games look a lot better than the online versions. Most of the live games come from one or two game providers, who have set the bar high.

  • Game flow – Caribbean Stud Poker is game where you go head to head with the dealer, so the ability to slow the game down a little is never a bad thing within the live games. Like all games, there are downsides to playing live, of which we have listed below:

  • A limited number of games – There aren’t a huge variation of games to choose from with Caribbean Stud Poker at the best of times and you will find just a couple of live games

  • Slower pace – We mentioned the slower pace being a positive above, but if you’re an adrenaline junkie when it comes to casino games, live games might seem frustrating.

  • Lack of bonuses – There aren’t all that many dedicated live Caribbean Stud Poker bonus that is accessible.

Free Caribbean Stud Poker Casino Games

Many online casinos are going to be able to offer you a look at their free games. These are a sort of “try before you buy deal” but for the most part they are called “demo games”.

How this works is that the casino will give you a play money balance to go and test the games. If you are new to Caribbean Stud Poker then this is, without doubt, the best way to learn, without having to invest your own money into the game.

The demo games work in the same way as the real money casino games. The only difference is that your balance is play money and not real money.

If you are based in Canada, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to get access to these games. In a fairly recent change of legislation, Canadian Gambling Commission decided to ban casinos that are licensed with them from offering this feature as they claimed it aided access to those who were vulnerable or who were problem gamblers.

For those of you outside of Canada, then we still think that, as long as you are careful, this is the best way to learn about how a casino game works. Caribbean Stud Poker games are a little less common than some, but most of the larger casinos, assuming they offer this feature, will give you access.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker Software Providers

Given that the game is very much one of the more popular table games, you’re going to see that a wide range of game providers are offering up some sort of variation. The bigger companies that you get involved with have more games, but some of the smaller ones have a better selection.

PlayTech is one of the bigger names and with this, you get a nice variation of games. They come in with a low house edge overall, with games starting from around 1.80%.

Microgaming does well because of its size and with it comes some huge progressive jackpots. One of the things that we were impressed with is that they reduced the house edge in some of their games by as much as .10%. They also offer a great range of payouts on some of the higher-end hands.

Cryptologic is another that has improved no end. They include dealer interaction with online games, and this is a nice touch to get away from the monotony of these games. The games look about as good as you will find, making for the best for player interaction of the three.

Other game providers include the likes of NetEnt, Rival Gaming, Galewind and DGS.

In terms of live casino games, there are two that offer Caribbean Stud Poker, and these are Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Evolution Gaming is by far and away the best of the best here and not only do they offer great looking games, but they offer a great range of games as well.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker

The history of the game of Caribbean Stud Poker is a little sketchy. It’s widely thought that poker professional, David Sklansky, came up with the concept back in 1982.

Sklansky wanted some of the casino variations of online poker and to make it easy to play, whilst retaining the rules and hand ranking that you get from traditional poker.

The early name for the game was that of Casino Poker. However, Sklansky’s attempt to patent the name and the game failed, because of the generic nature of the name. The game was taken up in The King International Casino in Aruba and it was they who changed the name to Caribbean Stud Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy: When to “Always Bet” Fine as is. Caribbean Stud Poker Rules: How to Play Online Text is fine, added payout chart:

Royal flush100 to 1
Straight flush50 to 1
Four of a kind20 to 1
Full house7 to 1
Flush5 to 1
Straight4 to 1
Three of a kind3 to 1
Two pair2 to 1
One pair or less1 to 1

Playing Online Caribbean Stud Poker on Mobile

The increase in the use of mobiles in our day to day life has been an area that copied over into that of online casino. We are now at a point where as many people play casino games on a mobile device (smartphone/tablet) than they do online. This trend will almost certainly see mobile overtake online in the years to come.

This means that access to Caribbean Stud Poker on a mobile device is as easy as it’s ever been. The games are massively improved over how they were just a few years ago as well.

In terms of access, all of the major manufacturers will be able to play the game. This includes Apple, Android, Windows and many more. There is no drop off in quality between them either. What you see on an Apple device you will see on an Android or Windows phone.

One of the main reasons for that is a platform called HTML 5. Without getting too technical, this product has been designed to allow companies to create a game that works on one platform and then it fits in around the different screen sizes for mobile and tablets. It’s revolutionised the mobile casinos sector and games like Caribbean Stud Poker are one of few that are reaping those rewards.

Caribbean Stud Poker Sites Deposits and Withdrawals

We know that the number of casino games seems to be increasing almost daily, but one of the best features of the expansion of both online and mobile is that of the payment options.

There are dozens to choose from with most of them accessible at the bigger online casinos. It’s worth noting that a lot of these are now accessible on mobile devices as well, although they do vary based on where you are located.

For the majority of players, Visa debit and Mastercard are going to be the most popular. This is often the safest method as well given that it’s linked to your bank which adds a degree of security should anything go wrong.

Most casinos won’t charge any fees to get money in or out with these. Typically, deposits will be processed instantly, and withdrawals take anywhere from 3 to 5 working days as standard. However, a lot of withdrawals back to a debit card are now being processed the same day, which is great.

The next category is that of the e-wallets. These are hugely popular with online casinos as they can be kept sperate from bank accounts and allows players to keep a bankroll for multiple sites.

They work much faster than bank payments as well, with instant deposits and money withdrawn within a few hours. The most popular variations here include the likes of Neteller, PayPal and Skrill.

You also get a range of mobile payments. Apple Pay and Google Pay are the two big hitters here and they link up when you are on the app for the casino. It’s worth noting that some do not include withdrawal options for these, meaning you need to upload the card you have linked to these accounts.

All of these payments methods are accessible for playing Caribbean Stud poker. The only thing we will make you aware of is that not all of them are accessible to claim bonuses. E-wallets are a good example of this, with deposits made using Neteller or Skrill for example becoming exempt from promotions. Make sure you check the T’s and C’s before you sign up.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker FAQs

♦ Is Caribbean Stud actually poker?

It’s a casino game that is formed from the basic rules and hand ranking of poker games. Technically it’s not poker, but they are linked in terms of these hand rankings. It's a good idea to look up the full rules for Caribbean Stud poker, especially if you're used to Texas Hold'em, before playing.

♥ Are Caribbean Stud Poker games available on mobile?

Yes, there is now a wide range of games available on mobile devices. Playing Caribbean Stud Poker on your mobile phone is a great as it allows you to play from wherever you are on the planet, providing you have an internet connection!

♠ Can I get a Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus Online?

Dedicated bonuses just for Caribbean Stud Poker are quite rare. However, most online welcome offers will allow you to clear the bonus by playing Caribbean Stud Poker. If there are any casinos that do offer such bonuses, we'll be sure to list them on this page for your convenience.

♦ What are the typical Caribbean Stud Poker wagering requirements?

Bonuses that accept Caribbean Stud Poker as part of the clearing rate are generally around 20% contribution. This means that for every £1 wagered, 20p will contribute to that. This might differ from casino to casino, so check the Terms and Conditions before you play to make sure.

♣ Do I need to download Software to play Caribbean Stud Poker online?

There is no need to download any software. You may need to download a casino app if you are playing on mobile, but most are accessible via your smartphone's browser if you decide you would rather not have to download it.

♥ How much can I win at Caribbean Stud Poker online?

Some of the games have massive progressive jackpots that work their way up into the millions. Most of the standard games will payout at 100 to 1 for a Royal Flush, but this has been known to vary. When playing online there will be clear instructions as to the payout rates.

♦ What is the House Edge on Caribbean Stud Poker games?

House edge is dependent on the strategy that the player has at the table. But a perfect strategy will see a house edge range anywhere between 2% and 5%. For more on casino strategies, check out our handy that where we detail everything you need to know when playing at online casinos!


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